Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rachel Summer wrote something about me ;)

hye there.
i've got frends, name siewmay tay aka. masmawati tay or nama pena dia> Rachel Summer.
she also writer. but, better than me. she is english writer. (oh man, crap! i'm not good in english)
she describe about me very well.
thanked Allah for sending her into my life. at least i know, what is people thought about me.

now i know that i walk damn fast, until she call me G6.
G6 like a G6 (refer lagu omputih tu, yg video clip cm hape tu)

here is her journal.

December 25th 2011, 1916

It was a hot Sunday Christmas. We took breakfast around 7 with the mixing taste of Kryptonite Milo (it was not that delicious to be honest, but it makes good crunchy sound which proves that it is indeed a breakfast cereal) and honey-flavored cornflakes (Oh my God, it tasted awesome that I could really write a whole novel about it and seriously, they have to write 'Night cereal', don't discriminate the nightime people!). That morning, Alia told me that I snored. For goodness sakes, I am not a snoring pig you could found around the yeehaw-ing country(none insults or sarcasm intended) but I think twice (really, there are no ineffable reason of why I should think twice questioning whether I snored or not) and said to myself; 'Damn girl, you snored because you're like walking besides a G6 plane yesterday and that you have to catch up with her 90000x turbo-fire.'
So, yes, I did snore and weird thing is I objected the idea of me, snoring. So I moved on as a strong woman I am and deal with it. I don;t care if I snores, but I'll be peaceful if the thought of my snores comes to great pitch of country musics; like the discovered-today-credited-to-Alia-country-music-which-sounds-catchy-and-a-bit-corny-lyrics, I wish to have a snore that sings and maybe I'll be The Girl Who Sings in Her Sleep (or even Prima Donna to be lucky) or a soap opera. I'll be famous and people will try to attempt a snore like mine but the result is only the piggy snore and they give up on it.
Okay, we could cut the part about the snoring. At 11 am, Alia's housemates and me included (dammit, you think I would stay in the creepy house alone? I even get scared by the flickering lights and the elevator-can-be-so-damn-stupid-sometimes accident and the idea of staying in the house alone, could be fatal. Don't laugh because I'm not some kids that needs babysitting whenever parents are out for the night or I'm not some brave kids from Home Alone). Anywho, we hung out at Pak Li's bistro which is our favorite place to be seen at - it seems cool, well for me it's like where you would found groups of girls hanging out with a wine on hand and won't even stares at just any random guys because they thought that they're an upper class woman with high taste of wine, with bitchy high heels and undeniably heavy makeup that seems to attract jerks. Such snobbish thought.
So, we stayed till the exact 1832 p.m; of which the waiter seems likely to be saying with his (annoyed) look; 'If you two aren't going to go back to wherever you belong to right this moment, I'll ban you from going here next time you come.'
And I would reply, 'For god's sake, you should come up with the idea of building a condo inside this bistro.'
After the wild imagination, we went home with me panting while talking to Alia on the way home. So it was a second shitty day because today went on like an old-school flying carpet with Aladdin or Sinbad 's ship which on the period cases, annoyed us entirely. Because I am a Mario girl, not a Tetris girl. Mario girl means that I am willing to go through painful challenges and adventures and dream for a great big applause in the end with fireworks up in the air just to compliment your harships of life. Unlike old, boring Tetris (no stereotyping and insults intended) that seems positive enough to bore me to death, with classic tee-tee-tiu music that could make Aladdin's adventure of slow flying carpet to an amazing one.
Did I mention Alia and I are going to write a comics on all of the spontaneous ideas? Yes we are going to. So Ganbate to the both of us and I'll be seeing you if I live from this intentionally cruel world that I have been living in. Though in some odd reasons, I really love this cruel world in order to hate it.

Yours Sincerely,

Rachel Summer

another journal about me,

December 26th, 2011, 0757

Sun-shiny morning to the world! Needless to say that Alia had complimented and commented my journal yester-night. "This is the funniest thing I ever..." and she laughs real hard that I think something has gone wrong with her head. Maybe she ate something or maybe the steroid cream just makes someone mental for one whole night. Seriously, that girl is like a bomb that could blow up just a minute if we trigger it; it was like the atom bomb that Brainy Einstein had made thus self destruct. I was kind of afraid that she might be dead in a matter of a second from asphyxia. Of course, as a heart-ful coward - that I think I could win a competition if ever was held one in 'Competition of the biggest coward a.k.a Loser" - I would run from the decease and start my new life in Pak Li's Bistro (where I would insist them to let me stay) and forget all about the cause of Alia's death.
I would leave the past life and bring about anew as a journalist. But one assignment later, I would see Alia sipping her coffee in Abu Dhabi still wearing her purdah, but with hair flows as sleek and shiny as Selena Gomez's and she is dating with Andrew Allen! I will roll my pencil in a very-journalist-way when I start to interview them.
As soon as I arrived on the gazebo where they hang out casually; I heard the following corny lyrics as Andrew sings it to Alia-Selena Gomez Helmi; 'I say hey, you say baby, how;s your day, I say crazy....' while Alia-Selena Gomez Helmi (God, such a long name!) sings Love You Like a Love Song to Andrew.
It was a romantic honeymoon cycle and phase between them that I would feel jealous and hysterically start to mix the coffee with a poison apple cyanide - that I had stole from Snow White quite a decade ago in a dingy forest filled with stupid fairy tales that sings stupid rhyming songs - when she go to the restroom.
I would write in my paper and send it to my editor company; Everything The Writer Writes are Worth a Pig's Shit Company.org

'January 4th: Alia-Selena Gomez Helmi had died in a tragic accident this afternoon at 12 a.m. where she was supposed to meet her Romeo (whom supposedly is the infamous Andrew Allen who is now my boyfriend) at the gazebo. It was accidental and I saw it happen along the period of her death - where odd things are cared to happen, where a stupid little elf sang a happy littlest elf song instead of a funeral song, thus, the little elf had been killed and now is buried under the construction area near Shah Alam. Whereas the death of Alia-Selena Gomez Helmi are a disturbed one, we (Team Journalist from Everything The Writer Writes are Worth A Pig's Shit) decided to give one final respect for the deceased.
'We buried her inside one of the G6 plane as a symbol of her turbo feet, with a purdah in front of the plane as a respect for her terrorist-like style. As her long lost friend, I have the slightest feeling to protect her even in her death and therefore I hired five Hot Yakuzas to stand besides her body in the plane. I was somehow feeling guilty because... well, tune out to see more of her sleek and shiny hair photos in post-mortem photography. Or if you ever interested in the gossip of me and my new sweet boyfriend, Andrew, you could either make an appoinment to see us in personal or subscribe our newsletter in order to receive hot, fresh gossip.
'Thus, the end has finally come. I feel sorry for the death of a great friend and has finally come to a resolution that jealousy is indeed satan itself.'
By: Rachel Summer (the greatest journalist in a century after the respected Prophet Nabi Muhammad so I'm quite famous)

i think that's all... see you when i see you, ok? take care peepz.
p/s: today is 17th Januarary 2012. my 3rd bother birthday.i hope he going to like the ARSENAL mug that i bought for him last night.
he said's liverpool > bluekkk, looser..hahaha.. man United also worst..haha...
happy birthday alang!
tq for being my super caring brother. i love youuuuu  (blushing)

loving you tonight,
Zeeshan Heikal

ZH with Rachel Summer @ siewmay tay
di masjid Jamek KL.
31 december 2011.

this video, specially dedicate to my lovely housemate
Hasniza bt Othman
happy birthday babe~