Saturday, November 3, 2012



It's been a while i didnt write anything in my blog. (this blog).
I'm sorry for that.
why suddenly I tried to write in english)
yeah, i get inspired by my old friend who study in German.
he said, "awak ni kalau tulis surat tu, bahasa inggeris terabur sana sini.
-frankly, malu habissss bakk anngg-

Its ok, malu is one of the value of learning.
At least, I know how to improve myself in my writing skill and communication skills indeed.
Process of learning need us to be more brave.

Yeah, talked about learning process.
There are something that I would like share with all my readers.
Recently, I've just finishing organise one of the prestigious event in my university.
one of the event in Majlis Konvokesyen.
The opening event.
1st year students organizing that opening ceremony?
Holy *****.

I will not take the risk if I saw the flow are okey enough.
"If you want to change it, lead it" - Iron lady movie-

I saw something that not really so good during the meeting the government state officer, not the officer that not good.. but the activities that organise by the students itself.

Less one week, without any excuses and what on. but surely, 101% effort.
I took the challenge to be the leader of the opening programme.
What's my contribution, if I dissapointed the TNC and SUK officer.They trust me based on my previous programme.
Why not, I just put an effort on it that can benefits all?
Spreading dakwah in bumi Unisel.

As usual, I will get mad with wrong and silly mistakse done by my crew.
As I told them, if anything you not so sure to do.. do kindly ask their leader or straight away ask me.
In the middle of event, all the unnescarry thing have been asked to me.
Can you imaging, that i want to entertain all of them at one time?
One piece?

As I do mention before to my team, at the first meeting.
"If you are so manja kids, dont ever dream to work with me. Feel free untuk di marah by myself."

If the things are good for you, open your heart to accept all the criticism.
If people dont bother about you, hell on they want to advise or even get mad with you.
Stop being so childish.
This is what we called LIFE.
Real life.
One time, if you are working in one big company. and u did the mistake, then your boss get mad on you.
What was your response?
Marah balik?
-that was stupid thing i ever thought-
So learn from mistake and improve yourself.

"People who are not learn something in their life, are useless than corpse."

I can be soft and kind hearted if you do your work well and will to learn.
and be vise versa if you are not.
That's my promise.

That's all.

sengaja tulis in english, so not all people will perasan this entry.